Year 2017
  • HTML + CSS3
  • Bootstrap 3
  • PHP & Mysql
  • iqApp2 Real Estate
  • Linux webhosting
  • Contracting
  • Graphic creation
  • Real estate portal creation
  • FlexMLS API Implementation
  • Delivery
  • SEO & Promotions
Visit Project

The real estate portal promotes real estate offers in the northern area of the capital.

The offers menu we've created as simple and intuitive. Those who want to configure their desired building, can do so using the search engine from the site.

For the speed of work and because of the habit of the ones from the data entry, it was chosen that the offers will be automatically taken over from the CRM companies. Initially, over 2000 offers were taken and published on the website.

The photos are served by the Websea Development CDN, specially created for this purpose.

On the website, you can also upload interactive virtual tours.

For the promotion part, we have created feeds for Google Adwords and Facebook Pixel.

The subscription to the newsletter is done directly in the Mailchimp account.

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