Year 2014
  • Javascript+jQuery
  • Linux webhosting
  • Contracting
  • Graphics creation and logo
  • Create classifieds website
  • Ads crawler
  • Delivery
  • SEO & Promotions
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Bazar de Constanta is a project that has been on paper in a drawer for over 4 years. After a discussion at a beer (as we have been drafting ideas while drinking beer or vice versa) with an old client and friend, the project ideas came out of the archive and become what today is the Bazaar of Constanta.

Bazar de Constanta is a free classified ads site that targets all kind of ads in the Constanta county. Why only in Constanta County? Monthly magazine Bazar de Constanta is published with free ads on the website, but also many other items of general interest: information from the Constanta county, magazine articles, advertisements of companies in the county, etc. The magazine is distributed free of charge in major shopping centers, as stated on the Bazar de Constanta website.

Advertisements on the website are free, with or without account, but those who use an account can opt for a longer period. The account registration procedure has been minimized. Those who have Facebook or Google+ account also have Bazar de Constanta account, just a click away.

There is also the premium announcement, paid by sms. In this case, the validity period of the ads is higher and they are displayed in the magazine as well as on the website.

To facilitate the posting of ads from real estate agencies, car parks, or any other domain that posts offers on their own site, we have created the Bazar de Constanta API. With this application, site owners can enter a code PHP is easy to implement, so when posting an offer on their site, it will automatically post on Bazar de Constanta. Everything is thought as simple and without headaches. A beginner programmer could implement this API in a maximum of 30 minutes if they work continuously.

Those interested in dealing with the implementation of the Bazaar of Constanta API on their websites are kindly requested to contact us to make an offer.

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