Pensionarului Shop - Haiducul Magazine
Year 2012
  • Photoshop
  • C#
  • Create monthly magazine graphics
  • Logo redesign
  • Posters graphics
  • Collage stores graphics
  • Card emitting software
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The regional store network, Haiducul, is a developing project, which was born in the southeastern part of Romania (Constanta and Ialomita), with plans for expansion at the national level.

To promote offers, the magazine appeared in the first half of 2012, in a bimonthly edition, with a circulation of 10,000 pieces printed and distributed in villages.

Subsequently, the project went through a rebranding, the network being renamed in the Pensionarului Shop. Then the network extended to the urban area, initially in the city of Constanta. We then took care of graphic creation to shop stories.

Then, also in stores in Constanta, we also implemented a fidelity cards system with picture and barcode. For this, we created a special program that communicates with the sales program (created by another team) to convey the customer number, name, and other contact information.

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