Year 2014
  • Javascript+jQuery
  • Linux webhosting
  • Contracting
  • Graphic creation
  • Website creation
  • Delivery
  • SEO & Promotions
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The Vase Ceramica project was born of a pure passion: ceramic art.

For many years, Pottery S.R.L. he produced ceramic vessels and objects for many uses: personalized plates, ancient ceramic objects and modern ceramic objects for garden and building decorations, vessels for traditional wine-producing houses, etc.

As this company creates art, it was a pity not to have an online presence, especially since they are planning to diversify the product range, presentation catalogs, expanding the business in South-East Europe and some workshops in the field. The need for a presentation website was therefore imperative and that is how was created.

The platform allows adding pages, creating photo and video galleries, scheduling events, changing contact information and changing graphic elements: first page slides and background.

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