Year 2008
  • Javascript
  • Flash+AS2
  • Linux sysadmin
  • VB6
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The job-based online job application was born as a result of the growing demand for services and workforce in the SADC developing countries (South Africa).

Thus is among the top 3 profile sites and number 1 as a development in this area. More than 15,000 CVs and 3,000 job vacancies (not all assets), the number of bids and the ever-increasing demand for the workforce are now enrolled in the system.

As internet development in this area is just beginning, the transfer speeds are quite small. This has taken into account the creation of the platform using as much text as possible and the few pictures being optimized as much as possible, most of them in 2 variants: low-quality for immediate loading and high-quality for subsequent loading.

Also, due to lower transfer speeds, site management (CVs and offers), we build a program with which the operator works locally on a pc / laptop, then, after completing the work or at set intervals, program to update on the site that worked. The Jobkon Offline program is multi-tasking (that is, it can work with it at the same time as transmitting information on the site), and for work it does not need internet, just to convey the information.

Subsequently, video tutorials had to be created to help users better understand how to use the platform. Again, the problem of loading speed has been raised, so instead of making a simple screen capture that goes jerky, we've created the vector video in the flash. This resulted in high quality HD movies of up to 5 minutes in size under 500kb, ie a full load time of up to 5 seconds, eliminating completely that annoying buffering.

The platform is available in English and Portuguese.



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